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Certification Provider: Dell EMC
Exam Name: Associate – Data Protection and Management Version 2 Exam
Number of questions in our database: 60


Provider of Certification: Dell EMC

Exam: Exam for Associate in Data Protection and Management Version 2


Topics for the DEA-3TT2 Exam:

Topic 1: Understand data protection applications and storage, as well as the fundamental components of a data protection architecture.

Topic 2: Discuss fault tolerance, compute, network, and storage-based fault, as well as the nature, use, and implementation of replica in local and remote replication solutions.

Topic 3: Explain data security and related management functions, as well as the architecture of data archiving, archiving and retrieval operations, and storage tiering.

Topic 4: Describe the key data protection and management activities, as well as the various security controls and cyber recovery in a data protection environment.

Topic 5: Describe the granularity, topologies, and methods of backup architecture and operations, as well as the necessity of data availability and protection, as well as the data center and its fundamental components.

Topic 6: Describe the drivers for data security, GRC, and security threats and the functions and management processes that support data protection operations.

Topic 7: Outline the advantages of the software-defined data center (SDDC), the software-defined computing, storage, and networking (SDCSN), and the data protection process. Outline the SAN, NAS, hypervisor, and application-based migration.

Topic 8: Give examples of big data analytics, cloud-based mobile device data protection, mobile device backup, a data protection solution for the data lake, and big data as a service.

Topic 9: Give an explanation of cloud-based migration, backup, replication, and archiving, as well as Securing and Managing the Data Protection Environment.

Topic 10: Solutions for data protection, architecture for data protection, data archiving, and data migration Data Protection for SDDC, Cloud, and Big Data

Topic 11: Describe the Key Features of Cloud Computing, Cloud Services Models, and Cloud Deployment Models


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