Dell DES-DD23 Exam Dumps

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Certification Provider: Dell EMC
Exam Name: Specialist – Implementation Engineer, PowerProtect DD Exam
Number of questions in our database: 54


Provider of Certification: Name of Dell EMC

Exam: Specialist – PowerProtect DD Exam, Implementation Engineer

The number of questions in our database:54

Official Topics for the DES-DD23 Exam:
Topic 1: Identify typical Dell EMC PowerProtect DD backup and recovery solutions and describe PowerProtect DD product positioning. Implement and validate the PowerProtect DD system as a VTL.

Topic 2:Describe the steps necessary to rail and rack the Dell EMC PowerProtect DD system’s hardware and connect it to external storage via cables.

Topic 3: Implement key protocols, such as NFS/CIFS, DD Boost, VTL, and NDMP, in the Dell EMC PowerProtect DD system. Monitor PowerProtect DD capacity and estimate storage burn rate.

Topic 4: Verify the hardware, examine and decipher space utilization and compression graphs, and identify important backup software components.

Topic 5: Describe the initial configuration of the Dell EMC PowerProtect DD system and the features, benefits, architecture, and use cases of the Dell EMC Cloud Tier.

Topic 6: Verify interoperability with connected devices and Cloud Tier Implementation and Administration by configuring the network for administrative access. With Dell EMC Cloud Tier, you can set up and set up Dell EMC PowerProtect DD systems, including racking and cabling the systems. You can also keep an eye on how well the systems are working and how often they need to be cleaned.

Topic 7: Identify and explain the various Dell EMC PowerProtect DD software options and the features they provide for managing system access and autosupport, support bundle, SNMP, and Syslog configuration.


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