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Format: Multiple choices questions

  • Length of Examination: 1-1/2 Hours
  • Number of Questions: 60
  • Passing score: 63%
  • Language: English


Experts in the field have prepared all Dell DES-1721 certification exam dumps, study guides, and training courses. The DES-1721 Specialist – Implementation Engineer, SC Series Exam practice test questions and answers, study guides, and training courses provided by Allrecentdumps make studying and passing the exam a breeze!


If you weave success in the Dell DES-1721 exam, the Dell EMC SC Series and its proper implementation can become one of your strengths. It is possible to become a dependable Dell Implementation Engineer because it is tied to a specialist certification. This position guarantees a strong and viable career in the future.


Overview of Certification: Candidates who pass the Dell DES-1721 exam will receive the Specialist – Implementation Engineer, SC Series Version 1.0 certificate. It is a specialist certification that follows the management track, as stated in the title. Earners are regarded as masters of basic to intermediate management and development tasks for crucial Dell EMC SC Series storage solutions. A specialist will become an asset for the data center thanks to the advanced understanding gained through this certification of this modern, automated, and optimized tool for data storage.

DES-1721 dumps will include the following topics:

  • Storage Center Fundamentals (5%)
  • Storage Center Hardware (15%)
  • Storage Center Cabling (19%)
  • Storage Center Deployment and Initial Configuration (3%
  • Initial SAN HBA and Switch Configurations (11%)
  • Storage Center Basic Administration (15%)
  • Dell Storage Manager (DSM) Installation and Configuration (9%)
  • Dell Storage Manager (DSM) Administration (6%)
  • Storage Center Data Progression, Data Instant Replay, and Remote Instant Replay Management (17%)

Conditions to Meet This title falls into the “specialist” category, as is evident. Consequently, prior to pursuing this certification, some prior understanding is essential. The vendor says that the candidates should get any of the following associate validations:


Associate – Version 1.0 of Information Storage and Management;

Associate – Version 2.0 of Information Storage and Management;

Associate, Version 3.0 of the Information Storage and Management System;

Associate – Version 4.0 of Information Storage and Management;

Storage Dell Certified Associate (available only for certificates that are already in use);

SC Series Storage: Dell Certified Professional level.

A candidate will have a solid foundational understanding with these certifications, enabling them to excel and confidently pass the official exam. With these designations, it will be possible to comprehend what the Dell Specialist – Implementation Engineer, SC Series Version 1.0 certification is trying to convey.


Overview of Exam DES-1721: This is the qualifying exam, and it has 60 questions that test candidates’ ability to install, configure, test, and initialize important Dell EMC SC Series Storage solutions. One will have 90 minutes to attempt these questions. This assessment has a passing rate of 63 percent. Additionally, the Dell EMC SC Series SCv3000, SC5020, SC7020, SCv3020, and SC9000, among others, are in the spotlight. Concerning the tested domains, there are nine in total, each of which covers a variety of skills and topics. For instance, the primary objective of the first exam domain, Storage Center Basics, is to verify and define the fundamental user interfaces and features of the Dell Storage Center. It is possible to learn about Storage Center Hardware, Cabling, Initial Installation, and Configuration as one progresses. Using the Dell DES-1721 exam objectives, you can also learn about SAN HBA, Storage Center Basic Administration, Storage Manager (DSM) Installation, Storage Manager (DSM) Administration, and Storage Center Data Progression.


Preparation for the Exam Passing the Dell DES-1721 exam is not an easy task. The nature of the extensive test necessitates the test taker’s life and blood. As a result, the vendor and other experts advise against proceeding without taking a formal training course. Training classes are, admittedly, more than just study aids. They are the best way to prepare for the actual DES-1721 exam and get the best knowledge possible. We have some of the best choices for you in this category:


Success in the Dell EMC SC Series Concepts Evaluation is only possible when all concepts are understood, and this training is the only viable option to accomplish this. This course will teach fundamental elementary subject matter at a reasonable $150 cost. In addition, the session is 90 minutes long and available in English. This training introduces the test taker to the fundamental hardware and administration aspects of Dell EMC Storage SC Series products through an online, self-paced format. In such a class, features and use case scenarios are also well explained.


Dell EMC SC Series Implementation and Administration This is one of the most reliable resources a student can use to prepare for the official Dell DES-1721 exam. It can be accessed in a variety of ways, including virtual learning, on-demand training, and training led by a teacher. Learning that is high-end and results-driven is a sure thing, no matter how it is delivered. Particularly, the course provides 40 hours of fact-packed and hands-on study of exam concepts. It gets the person taking the test ready to answer questions about important administrative tasks performed in a Storage Center. The preparation of real-world problem solvers was the primary goal of blended learning. The candidate will be able to successfully implement the Dell EMC SC series storage array and comprehend the primary uses of Storage Center operations tools at the conclusion of the training. The class costs a hefty $5000 (instructor-led and virtual instructor-led) and $3300 (on-demand mode) to learn more. Nevertheless, the type of knowledge it imparts is exceptional and necessary for exam success. For instance, sufficient exposure to concepts like host attachment, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel zoning has been provided. Thus, at the conclusion of your training, regardless of the mode you select, you will have earned credits equivalent to the course fee.


Storage Planning and Design for Planning Engineers – SC is an online training course that teaches students how to design solutions that meet the needs of customers. It has video clips that show customers and on-the-job Implementation Engineers talking to each other in real time. This course will not only help you pass the final exam, but it will also make you a better specialist. In terms of cost, this training session costs $320 to access. The majority of these training programs can be found on the vendor’s website. Candidates must verify the availability of instructor-led training courses’ upcoming sessions prior to final enrollment.


Final Thoughts The Dell DES-1721 is a first step toward career stability, improved opportunities, and impressive market demand. Those who pass the real test can give the impression that they are the experts in Dell EMC SC Series products and can be relied upon without question. But hold off for now! Think about enrolling in one of the three training programs listed above before dreaming of test success. These classes will give you the best knowledge in the field and make the entire exam process easier. This has already been done by many. It’s your turn now.


The training course, study guide, and practice exam for the Dell DES-1721 are all uploaded in Allrecentdumps Files format by actual users. The study materials and practice test questions and answers for the Study and Pass DES-1721 Specialist – Implementation Engineer, SC Series Exam certification exam are intended to assist students.


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