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Exam : DEA-1TT4

Exam Name: Information Storage and Management Version 4.0 exam

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Exam Name:

Associate – Information Storage and Management Version 4.0

DEA-1TT4 Exam Official Topics:


Topic 1:

Modern Data Center Infrastructure/ Describe Replication Uses, and Replication and Migration Techniques Security and Management

Topic 2:

Describe the Data Classification, Elements of a Data Center, Key Characteristics of a Data Center, and Key Technologies Driving Digital Transformation

Topic 3:

Explain the Cloud Characteristics, Cloud Service Models, and Cloud Deployment Models/ Cloud Characteristics, Cloud Service Models, and Cloud Deployment Models

Topic 4:

Explain the Key Characteristics of Big Data, Components of a Big Data Analytics Solution, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence

Topic 5:

Describe the Building Blocks of a Modern Data Center/ Describe Storage Area Network (SAN), FC Architecture, FC Topologies, Zoning, and Virtualization in FC SAN

Topic 6:

Storage Networking Technologies/ Describe TCP/IP, IP SAN, iSCSI Protocol, Components, Connectivity, Addressing, Discovery Domains, and VLAN

Topic 7:

Explain the Components and Connectivities of FCIP and FCoE Storage Systems/ Describe Data Deduplication and Data Archiving Solutions Architecture

Topic 8:

Explain the Components of an Intelligent Storage System, RAID, Erasure Coding, Data Access Methods, Scale-Up and Scale-Out Architectures

Topic 9:

Explain the Components of Block-Based Storage System, Storage Provisioning, and Storage Tiering Mechanisms

Topic 10:

Explain the NAS Components and Architecture, NAS File Sharing Methods, and File-Level Virtualization and Tiering/ Backup, Archive, and Replication

Topic 11:

Describe Object-Based Storage Device Components, Functions, Operations, and Unified Storage Architecture

Topic 12:

Describe Software-Defined Storage Attributes, Architecture, Functions of the Control Plane, Software-Defined Extensibility, and Software-Defined Networking Functionalities

Topic 13:

Describe the Information Security Goals, Terminologies, Various Security Domains, and Threats to a Storage Infrastructure

Topic 14:

Describe the Information Availability Measurements and Key Fault Tolerance Techniques


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