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  • Format: Multiple choices, multiple answers
  • Length of Examination: 90 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 60
  • Passing Score: 63%


Experts in the field have prepared all Dell DES-2T13 certification exam dumps, study guides, and training courses. The DES-2T13 is provided by Allrecentdumps files: You can study and pass the Specialist – Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Exam with the help of practice test questions, exam dumps, study guides, and training courses!


If you pass the Dell DES-2T13 exam, starting goal-specific and customized cloud infrastructures across multiple platforms could become your specialty. This test, which is linked to a single specialist certification, has all the power to recruit candidates with highly sought-after skills and advance their careers.


Overview of Certification The Dell DES-2T13 exam is required to obtain the Specialist – Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Version 3.0 certification. This certification, which is part of the DECS-CA track, highlights Dell’s cloud architecture and design excellence. This kind of certificate looks at how well candidates can handle topics like consumer resources, hybrid capabilities, disaster recovery, elasticity, and metering by using a core curriculum.


Targeted Audience This certification is important for anyone who works on a lot of need-based and specific cloud infrastructure in a particular ecosystem. These specialists can inherit the best-of-breed knowledge and carry out their job responsibilities with greater conviction with this qualification.


Obligatory Requirements To earn this Specialist – Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Version 3.0 certificate, you must first complete a specific course of study, which includes taking the associated exam and earning a designation at the associate or specialist level. The achievement of any one of the options listed below is required for the first step, which is gaining validation:


Associate – Version 2.0 of Information Storage and Management

Associate – Version 3.0 of Information Storage and Management;

Associate – Version 4.0 of Information Storage and Management

Associate – Cloud Services and Infrastructure 2.0;

Associate for Cloud Infrastructure and Services Version 3.0

Specialist – Cloud Architect, Version 2.0 of Cloud Infrastructure Specialist.

This has been suggested to ease the exhausting process of passing a tedious specialist exam and boost confidence. Before taking the Dell DES-2T13 exam, basic concepts are clear once any of the aforementioned associate- or specialist-level certifications are obtained successfully.


Overview of the Test Passing the Dell DES-2T13 exam is the next step in obtaining the certification. There are 60 questions in this 90-minute evaluation. The test-taker will not be considered successful until they have received 63 marks on the official exam. To learn more, the Pearson VUE exam can be taken anywhere in the world. The vendor has not provided much additional information about the actual test. Each attempt at this exam will set you back $230. A test voucher, which can be purchased on the Pearson VUE website, will be used to pay for this fee. Keep in mind that the test fee cannot be transferred or refunded. However, the vendor has granted complete discretion when using the voucher. It is still available for 365 days after the purchase date.


Exam Domain Details Understanding the exam domains is the next essential piece of information you must gather. DES-2T13 is broken up into seven sections, each focusing on a different technological topic. This is necessary to determine what you will face on test day and prepare accordingly:


A discussion of cloud concepts, business imperatives, project lifecycle phase designing, CMP, hybrid, and multi-cloud is included in Introduction to Cloud Design and Design Parameters.

Data Collection and Analysis, which sheds light on the process of analysis, data collection, metrics, and cloud solution design best practices.

Architecting a Do-It-Yourself Solution focuses on explaining the advantages and drawbacks of cloud infrastructure, storage solutions, and the design process for network solutions.

Architecting a CI/HCI Solution, Cloud Management Platform, Hybrid Cloud & Multi Cloud, and Application Development and Deployment Platform are the remaining exam objectives.


Methods for Passing the Official Evaluation Considering the extensive test pattern, it is easy to conclude that passing the actual exam will not be easy. As a result, adequate study materials and a thorough understanding of the test’s subject matter are required:


The vendor offers a training course called Cloud Infrastructure Planning and Design v2 that can be taken in a variety of formats. This session successfully imparts a notable theoretical and practical understanding of cloud infrastructure and related concepts, regardless of the delivery method. In general, enrolling in such a training course is the best way to gain proficiency in the exam domains and ensure success. On-demand, classroom, and virtual class modes are available for its use. For $1600, participants will receive a pre-recorded training session in the first format. The second training option will cost $3000 and take place in a real classroom. Participants in the third delivery method will receive instruction from a remote instructor for a fee of $3000. The learning objectives are essentially identical. In a nutshell, the training course employs a blended learning approach and gives participants the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge through lab sessions. At the end of this training course, you should have a solid foundational to intermediate understanding of infrastructure, application platform, and cloud management platform.


This free study guide on Dell EMC’s Education website explains why you need multi-cloud and how to manage it. Use it to learn more about multi-cloud. The author, Mikhail Gloukhovtsev, is a Senior Cloud Architect on his own. In this article, he shares his years of real-world experience with multi-cloud. The fundamentals of multi-cloud, methods for creating and managing multi-cloud, and applications of multi-cloud are all explained in a clear and impressive manner. If you want to pass the Dell DES-2T13 exam, we highly recommend that you use this material.


Platform for Cloud Management: Everything You Need to Know was written by Gerard Blokdyk for anyone interested in learning more about cloud management. This book is more like a realistic self-assessment tool. It transforms into a real-world problem solver when it comes to cloud management in depth, which is why we recommend it. 


Ending Notes As a Cloud Architect, your position, benefits, and pay can all improve. So, use the Dell DES-2T13 exam to get this lucrative job. It has everything you need to get your feet firmly planted in the appropriate arena. While you’re at it, don’t forget to use the study materials we just mentioned. You can achieve your goals with ease and pass your exams with their assistance. Have fun!


The Dell DES-2T13 practice test, training course, and study guide are uploaded by actual users in the format of Allrecentdumps Files. Learn how to pass the DES-2T13 exam: The certification exam dumps and practice test questions and answers for Specialist – Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Exam are intended to assist students.


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