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  • Format: Multiple choices, multiple answers
  • Length of Examination: 120 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 60
  • Passing Score: 60%


Introduction The Dell EMC SC Series and Dell EMC Unity midrange storage solutions are the focus of this professional certification, which provides specialist level certification. For those involved in the design of solutions based on Dell EMC Unity and SC Series storage arrays, this certification will be the one to have. The knowledge required for positioning, sizing, and designing midrange storage solutions in a customer environment is the primary focus of the DES-1D12 Exam. This includes a thorough comprehension of the configurations, features, functionality, best practices, and design considerations of Dell EMC Unity and SC Series products. DES-1D12 dumps cover each and every one of these points.


Even though getting the Dell Endpoint Privilege Manager certification only takes a few months, you can get it in days with the help of the most recent DES-1D12 dumps pdf questions with verified answers. Additionally, passing the Dell Certification exam is essential to your entire Dell Endpoint Privilege Manager career. Questions for certification exams are extremely helpful for preparing for Dell certification exams. We provide you with the most recent DES-1D12 practice tests and DES-1D12 practice test materials to enable you to prepare for and pass the new Dell DES-1D12 questions on your first attempt.


The topic of this exam is data center information management and storage. In addition to security and management of a storage infrastructure, it includes third platform technologies, intelligent storage systems, software-defined storage, storage networking technologies, and various options for business continuity. The training uses product examples to reinforce knowledge of technologies and concepts in a limited number of questions.


Topics for the DES-1D12 Exam Candidates need to be familiar with the topics before beginning their preparations because it will really help them solve the problems. The following topics will be covered on our CAU-305 and DES-1D12 practice exams. Our DES-1D12 dumps cover all of these.


Understanding Modern Data Center Infrastructure’s technical and functional aspects The following topics will be covered in the DES-1D12 dumps:


Describe the key characteristics of big data, components of a big data analytics solution, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and artificial intelligence Describe the building blocks of a modern data center Describe a compute system, storage, connectivity in a data center, application, and options to build a modern data center Apply Dell EMC midrange best practice recommendations for data service, system, storage, and host application configurations Describe sizing and design considerations for Unity, SC Series, and PowerStore Describe how


Identify key features of the SC Series operating system Describe SC Series cross-platform replication functionality and use cases Describe PowerStore Data Services and how to provision and access storage via block, files, and VMware datastores Describe PowerStore Data Protection and Data Security (e.g., Snapshots, Consistency Groups, Thin Clone- features and use cases Describe PowerStore HA features, non-disruptive upgrades and migration options requirements and use cases Compare and contrast similar features between Unity, SC Series, and


Describe the Unity and Unity XT hardware (e.g., enclosures, I/O components, storage media options) Describe the SC Series storage resources, connectivity options (e.g., RAID, Consistency Groups, SSD, and HDD options) Describe the controller options available in the SC Series models and related use cases Describe the PowerStore hardware components and your functions (e.g., controller and expansion enclouses models, I/O expansion modules, internal component) Describe the


Who should take the DES-1D12 exam? Candidates who want to advance their careers in the Midrange Storage Solutions domain should take the Dell EMC Midrange Storage Solutions Specialist certification. The Dell EMC Certified Specialist – Technology Architect – Midrange Storage (DECS) exam demonstrates that a candidate possesses Dell EMC DECS-TA fundamental knowledge and demonstrated skills.


How to Study for the DES-1D12 Exam: To learn everything you need to know about the Dell EMC Midrange Storage Solutions Specialist (DES-1D1) Certification exam, use our quick start dumps. You can use the objectives and resources in this DES-1D12 practice exam to prepare for the DES-1D12 Dell EMC Midrange Storage Solutions Specialist for Technology Architect exam. The DES-1D12 dumps will help you figure out the kind of questions and how hard they are, and the Practice Exams will show you how an exam looks and feels. Before taking the actual Dell EMC DECS-TA certification exam, you should carefully review the DES-1D12 practice exam.


When considering the Dell Endpoint Privilege Manager certification exam questions, expertise is a crucial factor. Sample questions for the Dell 1D12 certification programs exam are included in our DES-1D12 braindumps, which were compiled by Dell specialists with a great deal of experience in the field. With this knowledge, the person who takes the Dell 1D12 exam questions will do well in the situation.

How to book the DES-1D12 Exam

These are following steps for registering the Dell DES-1D12 exam.


Step 1: Visit to Dell Exam Registration

Step 2: Signup/Login

Step 3: Search for Dell DES-1D12 Exam Certifications Exam

Step 4: Select Date, time and confirm with payment method

What is the duration of the DES-1D12 Exam

Format: Multiple choices, multiple answers

Length of Examination: 120 minutes

Number of Questions: 60

Passing Score: 60%


The Benefits of Obtaining the DES-1D12 Exam Certification In terms of a career in 1D12, many people are enthusiastic about establishing themselves in the Dell Certification exam questions industry. With the help of 1D12 pdf dumps, people are looking forward to making a more regular career in the field. Your efforts and dedication to Dell Endpoint Privilege Manager would undoubtedly help them advance their careers in the field of 1D12 exam questions.


When preparing for the Dell EMC Midrange Storage Solutions Specialist for Technology Architect (DES-1D1- exam, we recommend a certified training course, practice tests, and hands-on experience to guarantee success. We are now confident that you will be able to pass the exams quickly and easily in a few hours if you have limited time. Our dumps and PDF study guides are accurate, top-notch, straightforward, and simple to comprehend. You will score well on your exams if you use our vendor DES-1D12 dumps. Although obtaining the certification requires some effort, these practice exams were written by our team of experts, so you need not be concerned. which makes it easy for you to pass your DES-1D12 exam. Additionally, our exam dumps helped professionals and individuals pass their DES-1D12 exams.


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