Dell DES-1B31 Exam Dumps

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Certification Provider: Dell EMC
Exam Name: Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) Systems Administrator
Duration: 90 Minutes
Number of questions in our database: 66


Provider of Certification: Name of Dell EMC

Exam: System Administrator for Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) for the duration: 90 minutes

The amount of questions in our database is: 66

Official Topics of the DES-1B31 Exam:

Topic 1: Describe the key features, functions, and capabilities of ECS in object client applications like Centera CAS and Hadoop HDFS.

Topic 2: Describe the ECS solution, including hardware configuration, and its integration with OpenStack Swift.

Topic 3: Describe the integration between ECS and Networker with CloudBoost and how it packages and protects data within a site.

Topic 4: Using the management interfaces and APIs for configuration and management. Describe the ECS architecture and components.

Topic 5: Use of the ECS Portal for configuration and management. Describe the ECS integration with Amazon S3.

Topic 6: On namespaces and buckets, explain how to set up ARM, ACLs, quotas, and retention policies. Also, explain the features and functionality of ECS NFS files.

Topic 7: Describe the capabilities of ECS for monitoring and metering, Syslog support, and portal configuration.

Topic 8: Describe the integration of Isilon CloudPools and ECS’s failure handling and failover scenarios in single-site and multi-site environments.

Topic 9: Describe the capabilities and features of ECS D@RE, as well as the integration of Active Directory with ECS, ECS Management and Monitoring, and ECS Data Client Access.


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