ServiceNow Certified System Administrator (CSA) Certification Exam Dumps

Last Updated: July 21st, 2024

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EXAMS: ServiceNow Certified System Administrator REQUIRED

Overview of the CSA Exam
The ServiceNow documentation site, the ServiceNow developer site, and official training materials are the sources of exam questions. According to ServiceNow, study materials found on other websites are not official and shouldn’t be used to get ready for the exam.

The content of the exam is broken down into Learning Domains based on the primary subjects and tasks that are usually faced when implementing ServiceNow. Examinees are required to meet certain learning objectives that have been set for each Learning Domain. The exam measures the following learning domains, subskills, and weightings. It also shows the percentage of questions in each domain. It is NOT appropriate to view the subskills mentioned as a comprehensive list of exam topics.

  1. User Interface & Navigation 20%
    1. ServiceNow Overview
    2. Lists and Filters
    3. Forms and Templates
    4. Branding
  2. Collaboration 20%
    1. User Administration
    2. Task Management
    3. Notifications
    4. Reporting
  3. Database Administration 30%
    1. Data Schema
    2. CMDB
    3. Application/Access Control
    4. Import Sets
  4. Self-Service & Process Automation 20%
    1. Knowledge Management
    2. Service Catalog
    3. Workflows/Flow Designer
  5. Introduction to Development 10%
    1. Scripting
    2. Migration and Integration
    3. Development

Exam Format

The exam has about sixty questions total. On the exam, there are several possible answers for every question. Choose the most accurate response to the query. Both multiple choice and multiple choose questions (select all that apply) are available.


The ServiceNow Certified System Administrator (CSA) certification exam is designed to validate the skills and knowledge of individuals who administer and configure ServiceNow instances. The exam typically covers various aspects of ServiceNow administration, including but not limited to:

  1. User Interface (UI) Configuration: This includes configuring forms, lists, and UI policies to customize the user experience within ServiceNow.
  2. Data Management: Understanding data structures, importing and exporting data, and managing data through tables and records.
  3. ServiceNow Applications: Familiarity with ServiceNow applications such as Incident Management, Change Management, Problem Management, and other IT Service Management (ITSM) modules.
  4. Workflows and Automation: Creating and managing workflows, business rules, and automations to streamline processes and improve efficiency.
  5. Reporting and Analytics: Generating and interpreting reports, dashboards, and analytics to gain insights into ServiceNow performance and usage.
  6. User Access and Security: Managing user roles, groups, and permissions to ensure proper access control and data security.
  7. Integration and APIs: Understanding how to integrate ServiceNow with other systems and applications using APIs and integration tools.
  8. Platform Architecture: Knowledge of ServiceNow platform architecture, components, and best practices for scalability and performance.

Preparing for the ServiceNow CSA certification exam usually involves a combination of studying official ServiceNow documentation, taking training courses, and gaining hands-on experience with the platform. Additionally, there are practice exams and study guides available to help candidates familiarize themselves with the exam format and content.

Once certified, individuals can demonstrate their expertise in ServiceNow administration, which can lead to career advancement opportunities in roles such as ServiceNow administrator, consultant, or developer.


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