ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – Discovery (CIS-Discovery) Certification exam dumps

Last Updated: July 21st, 2024

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Exam Name ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – Discovery
Exam Code CIS-Discovery
Exam Fee USD $450
Exam Duration 90 Minutes
Number of Questions 45
Passing Score Pass / Fail
Format Multiple Choice Questions
Books / Trainings Discovery Fundamentals
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The ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – Discovery (CIS-Discovery) certification validates an individual’s expertise in implementing and configuring the Discovery application within the ServiceNow platform. Here’s an overview of the key areas typically covered in this certification:

1. **Discovery Fundamentals**: Understanding the basic concepts and functionalities of Discovery, including network scanning, identification of configuration items (CIs), and data collection.

2. **CIS-Discovery Configuration and Setup**: Configuring and setting up the Discovery application to perform automated discovery and population of the CMDB (Configuration Management Database) with accurate and up-to-date information about IT assets and infrastructure components.

3. **Discovery Probes and Sensors**: Understanding the different types of discovery probes and sensors available in ServiceNow Discovery and how they can be configured to collect data from various sources, such as servers, network devices, and virtual environments.

4. **CI Identification and Mapping**: Configuring CI identification rules and mapping strategies to accurately identify and classify discovered CIs within the CMDB, including relationships and dependencies between CIs.

5. **Discovery Credentials and Credentials Management**: Managing discovery credentials and authentication mechanisms to ensure secure access to target systems and devices during the discovery process.

6. **Discovery Patterns and Pattern Management**: Creating and managing discovery patterns to define how specific types of CIs should be discovered, classified, and populated in the CMDB, including patterns for different operating systems, applications, and services.

7. **Discovery Data Quality and Integrity**: Implementing data quality checks and validation rules to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and integrity of discovered data within the CMDB.

8. **Discovery Troubleshooting and Performance Optimization**: Troubleshooting common issues and performance bottlenecks related to the Discovery process, such as network connectivity issues, credential failures, and data collection errors. Additionally, implementing best practices for optimizing Discovery performance and efficiency.

Preparing for the ServiceNow CIS-Discovery certification typically involves studying official ServiceNow documentation, taking training courses specific to Discovery, and gaining hands-on experience with the Discovery application within the ServiceNow platform. ServiceNow also provides study materials and practice exams to help candidates prepare for the certification exam.

Earning the ServiceNow CIS-Discovery certification demonstrates your expertise in implementing and configuring Discovery solutions on the ServiceNow platform, which can enhance your career prospects as a ServiceNow Discovery administrator, consultant, or developer.


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