IBM C9530-001 Exam Dumps

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IBM C9530-001 Exam Dumps

Number of questions: 61
Number of questions to pass: 40
Time allowed: 90 minutes


This intermediate stage certification is supposed for answer builders who’ve the understanding and enjoy to apply IBM Integration Bus V10.0 to increase, set up, tune, and guide platform-impartial message waft programs that use numerous messaging topologies to move messages among provider requesters and provider providers, in addition to permit the messages to be routed, transformed, validated, and enriched at some point of processing.

The answer builders need to be capable of assemble message flows that use to be had transformation alternatives including Extended Structured Query Language (ESQL), Java, and the IBM Graphical Data Mapping editor and increase message flows that use numerous delivery mechanisms including JMS and internet offerings. They need to additionally be capable of use competencies to combination messages from more than one sources, manage sequences in a waft, and use choice offerings. They are predicted to construct and use message fashions including Data Format Description Language (DFDL) for non-XML records and to outline and put in force integration offerings including database and WebSphere MQ offerings.

In addition to development, the answer builders also are predicted to generate IBM Integration Bus artifacts from styles, and use troubleshooting, tuning and tracking gear inclusive of occasion tracking, ‘file and replay’, message waft information, aid information and message waft exerciser.

Finally, those answer builders are predicted in order to expand IBM Integration Bus via way of means of the use of adapters and different products.

These answer builders are typically self-enough and might carry out the responsibilities concerned withinside the position with constrained help from peers, product documentation, and seller guide offerings.


Exam C9530-001: IBM Integration Bus v10.0 Solution Development

Exam Objectives

Please observe this examination has been withdrawn and could get replaced via way of means of the examination C9530-404

Number of questions: 61

Number of inquiries to pass: 40

Time allowed: 90 minutes

Status: Withdrawn


Section 1: Integration Architecture and Design6%

Explain the middle architecture, components, and working environment

Define IIB topologies


Section 2: Installation and Configuration of IBM Integration Bus v10.08%

Install IBM Integration Bus runtime and toolkit

Validate the IIB environment

Define database resources

Define MQ resources

Define Web Services Resources (WSRR)


Section 3: Development of IBM Integration Bus V9.0 Solutions39%

Build integration answers (utility, provider, and library)

Build a message model  Generate JavaScript customer APIs from an present integration provider (excessive stage)

Build answers with fundamental constructed in nodes

Design and construct transactional answers with IBM Integration Bus

Build answers with time schedules  Implement message transformations (graphical mapper, Java, ESQL and XSLT)

Build integration answers with styles (the use of constructed in styles and developing fundamental styles)

Build integration answers with caching (Java, ESQL, mapping)

Build programs the use of routing styles (choice, pub/sub, collector, factor to factor, fan out, request/reply)
Harden integration flows via way of means of coping with exceptions


Section 4: Extending IBM Integration Bus with Adapters and Other Products8%

Integrate with JCA Adapters (excessive stage)

Integrate with WebSphere Service Registry and Repository

Integrate with Visual Studio

Integrate with IBM Business Process Manager

Integrate with Operational Decision Manager


Section 5: Application Assembly, Configuration and Deployment13�monstrate know-how of the connection among the usage of projects, programs, and libraries

Build and set up programs the use of the Integration Toolkit and commands

Use key phrases in deployment residences

Define and over-journey utility residences the use of configurable offerings and person-described residences

Describe and give an explanation for the Web management console


Section 6: Troubleshooting and Tuning21%

Test message waft with waft exerciser

Use the debugger to find and solve problems

Configure and use hint nodes in a message waft

Configure and use person hint facility

Understand logging in integration answers

Tune integration answers with workload control and multi-threading

Configure and use Record & Replay

Gather and examine message waft information and aid information


Section 7: Security5�scribe and give an explanation for fundamental security

Use the PEP Node



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