IBM C2070-994 Exam Dumps

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IBM C2070-994 Exam Dumps

Exam Name IBM Certified Solution Designer – Datacap V9.0
Exam Code C2070-994
Duration 120 mins
Number of Questions 66
Passing Score 65%
Books / Training IBM Datacap 9.0.1: Datacap Studio (F255G)
IBM Datacap 9.0.1 – Datacap Configuration (F256G)
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Sample Questions IBM Datacap Solution Designer Sample Questions
Practice Exam IBM C2070-994 Certification Practice Exam


This intermediate stage certification take a look at certifies that the a success candidate has the know-how to create the theoretical and/or specified technical layout of an software, answer, and infrastructure the usage of IBM Datacap Provide knowledge to assess and pick among alternatives; help with balancing expenses with talents and priorities. Identify products / technologies / techniques to be included, and decide factors of required integration and customization. Identify sizing and ability issues, in addition to conflicts with present techniques or environments.

Recommended Skills

Before getting ready for this certification, fundamental know-how of the subsequent is suggested and assumed:

Knowledge of IBM Datacap components: FastDoc, Datacap Web Server, Report Viewer, Desktop, Dstudio, RuleRunner, Maintenance Manager, Datacap Navigator and Dashboard

IBM Content Navigator

Knowledge of WebSphere Application Server

Cloud technologies

Ability to jot down movements for IBM Datacap: VBScript, C#, XML

Knowledge of Microsoft IIS

Knowledge of Out-of-the-Box aspect interfaces

Knowledge of content material acquisition: import, fax, electronic mail and scan

Knowledge of report and photo conversion

Knowledge of report hierarchy

Knowledge of report and web page identification

Knowledge of popularity

Knowledge of routing: branching, leaping and splitting

Knowledge of verification and validation

Knowledge of export and repositories

Knowledge of databases

Authentication and Authorization


Exam C2070-994: IBM Datacap V9.0Solution Designer

Exam Objectives

Please observe this examination has been withdrawn and could get replaced via way of means of the examination C1000-121

The take a look at includes 5 sections, totaling 65ti a couple of-preference questions. The chances after every phase identify mirror the approximate distribution of the entire query set throughout the sections.

This a couple of-preference take a look at includes questions requiring unmarried and a couple of solutions.  For a couple of-solution questions, you want to pick all required alternatives to get the solution correct. You can be suggested what number of alternatives make up the appropriate solution.

This take a look at is designed to offer diagnostic comments at the Examination Score Report, correlating returned to the take a look at objectives, informing the take a look at taker how she or he did on every phase of the take a look at.  As a result, to preserve the integrity of every take a look at, questions and solutions aren’t disbursed.

Number of questions: 66

Number of inquiries to pass: 43

Time allowed: one hundred twenty minutes

Status: Withdrawn


Section 1: Datacap Architecture17�monstrate know-how of Datacap architecture

Explain widespread architecture

Explain ability making plans and cargo balancing configuration

Demonstrate an know-how of disbursed environments

Demonstrate an know-how of cell architecture

Demonstrate an know-how of High Availability and Scaling

Demonstrate an know-how of High Availability and Scaling

Identify minimal set up requirements

Demonstrate know-how of Datacap databases

Demonstrate know-how of Datacap software offerings

Demonstrate know-how of wTM


Section 2: Analyze Business Requirements19�termine what records to accumulate from images

Identify ingestion sources

Determine enterprise validation policies

Determine workflow steps

Demonstrate know-how of export requirements

Determine protection requirements

Determine reporting requirements


Section 3: Design a Datacap Taskmaster Solution26�monstrate know-how of making Datacap report hierarchy

Analyze process and project layout

Demonstrate know-how of ingestion

Demonstrate know-how of report conversions

Demonstrate know-how of web page identification

Demonstrate widespread web page identityentification know-how

Demonstrate know-how of Fingerprinting

Demonstrate know-how of popularity methodology

Demonstrate know-how of validation techniques

Demonstrate know-how of export approaches

Demonstrate know-how of FastDoc

Demonstrate know-how of RuleRunner

Demonstrate know-how of vital Datacap folder/document configuration


Section 4: Develop Application and Solution Components29%

Identify makes use of of Maintenance Manager

Demonstrate know-how of Report Viewer

Demonstrate know-how of RuleRunner

Demonstrate know-how of the usage of FastDoc admin

Demonstrate know-how of Datacap Studio

Demonstrate know-how of Studio AppWizard

Demonstrate know-how of a way to broaden Task Profiles

Demonstrate know-how of a way to broaden rulesets, policies, and functions

Demonstrate know-how of making use of policies to Datacap Document Hierarchy (DCO)

Demonstrate know-how of net administration


Section 5: Solution Testing and Deployment9�monstrate know-how of acting answer testing

Demonstrate know-how on a way to use Datacap Studio to take a look at

Explain steps required to transport answer among deployment targets

Demonstrate cappotential to permit logging for all of the components

Demonstrated know-how of troubleshooting techniques



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