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VMware 5V0-11.21 Exam Dumps



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The VMware Cloud on AWS Master Specialist (5V0-11.21) examination, which results in VMware Certified Master Specialist – VMware Cloud™ on AWS 2021 certification is a 65-object examination, with a passing rating of 300 the use of a scaled scoring method. Candidates are given one hundred thirty mins to finish the examination, which incorporates ok time to finish the examination for non-local English speakers.


Certification Information

For info and a whole listing of necessities and hints for attainment, please reference the VMware 5V0-11.21  Questions Education Services – Certification website.


Minimally Qualified Candidate

The minimally certified candidate (MQC) has enjoy deploying, configuring and dealing with a 5V0-11.21 Study Guide VMware Cloud™ on AWS infrastructure. The MQC is commonly an IT employees accountable for infrastructure offerings who has a sturdy expertise of virtualization, networking and garage and AWS. The MQC has enjoy installing, configuring and dealing with a VMware SDDC (VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN™ and VMware NSX®) which can or might not encompass HCX and catastrophe recovery.


Exam Sections

VMware examination blueprint sections at the moment are standardized to the seven sections below, a number of which might also additionally NOT be blanketed withinside the very last examination blueprint relying at the examination targets.

Section 1 – Architecture and Technologies

Section 2 – Products and Solutions

Section 3 – Planning and Designing

Section 4 – Installing, Configuring, and Setup

Section 5 – Performance-tuning, Optimization, and Upgrades

Section 6 – Troubleshooting and Repairing

Section 7 – Administrative and Operational Tasks


If a segment does now no longer have testable targets on this model of the examination, it’ll be mentioned below, accordingly. The goal numbering can be referenced to your rating document on the cease of your trying out occasion for in addition guidance must a retake of the examination be necessary.


Sections Included on this Exam

Section 1 –VMware Cloud™ on AWS Architectures and Technologies

· Objective 1.1 – Understand VMware Cloud™ on AWS era and architecture

· Objective 1.2 – Describe VMware Cloud™ on AWS Migration Solutions


Section 2 – Integrating Other VMware Products with the SDDC

· Objective 2.1 – Use VMware vRealize® Log Insight Cloud™

· Objective 2.2 – Use VMware Horizon® with VMware Cloud™ on AWS

· Objective 2.3 – Use vRealize® Automation Cloud™ Add-on

· Objective 2.4 – Use vRealize® Network Insight Cloud™

· Objective 2.5 – Use vRealize® Operations Cloud™


Section 3 – Planning and Designing

· Objective 3.1 – Identify use instances for VMware Cloud™ on AWS

· Objective 3.2 – Identify debts needed

· Objective 3.3 – Identify the desired networking

· Objective 3.4 – Identify the connectivity options

· Objective 3.5 – Size the software-described records center (SDDC)

· Objective 3.6 – Describe vSAN™ Storage in VMware Cloud™ on AWS


Section 4 – Deploying and Configuring

· Objective 4.1 – Prepare AWS infrastructure for a VMware Cloud™ on AWS deployment

· Objective 4.2 – Set up VMware Cloud™ on AWS account

· Objective 4.3 – Deploy and study software-described records center (SDDC) configurations

· Objective 4.4 – Deploy a vSphere software-described records center (SDDC) in VMware Cloud™ on AWS Objective 4.5 – Configure software-described records center (SDDC) networking

· Objective 4.6 – Configure Transit Connect


Section 5 – Performance-tuning and Optimization

· Objective 5.1 – Optimize and hold software-described records center (SDDC) cluster the use of Elastic DRS

· Objective 5.2 – Analyze HA, DRS and useful resource swimming pools settings withinside the software-described records center (SDDC)

· Objective 5.3 – Analyze vSphere permissions


Section 6 – Administrative and Operational Tasks

· Objective 6.1 – Configure networking and protection options

· Objective 6.2 – Configure vSAN™ garage policies

· Objective 6.3 – Attach outside garage to a digital gadget strolling on a software-described records center (SDDC)

· Objective 6.4 – Configure Hybrid Linked Mode

· Objective 6.5 – Configure digital gadget migration with VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension Objective 6.6 – Configure catastrophe recovery

· Objective 6.7 – Add and eliminate hosts to a cluster withinside the software-described records center (SDDC)

· Objective 6.8 – Create digital machines withinside the Cloud software-described records center (SDDC)


Section 7 – Troubleshooting and Repairing

· Objective 7.1 – Access API with VMware Cloud™ on AWS

· Objective 7.2 – Maintain and aid a VMware Cloud™ on AWS solution

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VMware Cloud on AWS Master Specialist



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