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Last Updated: February 24th, 2024

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Exam- PMI-SP

Exam Name- PMI Scheduling Professional Practice Test

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Experts in the field have prepared all PMI PMI-SP certification exam dumps, study guides, and training courses. You can study and pass the PMI-SP PMI Scheduling Professional Practice Test with ease thanks to Allrecentdumps’s files, which provide practice test questions and answers as well as exam dumps, study guides, and training courses!


The PMI Scheduling Professional exam is for people who want to have a lot of experience scheduling projects and uses it to prove their knowledge of project and time management. A PMI-SP holder typically possesses advanced scheduling skills and is able to implement a top scheduling strategy to keep a project on track. Additionally, in order to ensure that the project deadline is met, this professional is in charge of planning, creating tools, and fostering the best possible communication among all project stakeholders.


Who Can Take the PMI-SP Test?


Specialists who want an official certification for their skills and who have some experience in the creation and management of project schedules are the ones who should take this exam. You must have a secondary degree, 40 months of project scheduling experience, and 40 hours of project scheduling education to be eligible to apply for the official exam. If you have a four-year education, 28 months of project scheduling experience, and 30 hours of related training, you can also take this test. It should be noted that all project scheduling experience must have been gained within the past five years in either case prior to taking the PMI-SP exam.


Overview of PMI-SP As a result, if you meet the aforementioned requirements, you are free to enroll in the PMI-SP validation. In terms of the particulars, PMI members pay $520 for the exam, while non-members must pay $670 for the official exam. This exam has 170 multiple-choice questions that must be answered correctly in 3.5 hours. The computer-based test can only be taken in English. Twenty of the questions are pre-test tasks that are used to validate exam items but do not affect your score. Candidates who meet the qualifications are required to fill out an online application that includes information about their personal information, scheduling experience, and education. After receiving a payment request, successful applicants can schedule their official test after paying the exam fee.


Topics Assessed by the PMI-SP The questions on the PMI-SP test were developed by independent global groups of professional project schedulers. They are divided into five domains, each of which contains a specific percentage of questions:


14% of strategy scheduling

Creating schedules and plans – 31%;

35 percent; monitoring and controlling various schedules

6% on how to close schedules;

managing stakeholders’ communication – 14%.

The report for a computer-based test is provided on the same day as the results. After a psychometric analysis by a number of project professionals, the passing score for each PMI exam is determined. For each question you answer correctly, you get one point.


Books to Help You Study for Your PMI-SP Exam There are typically a lot of books that can help you study for your PMI-SP exam. As a result, you can try the following Amazon guides:


Gregory T. Haugan’s Project Planning and Scheduling is a good book for PMI-SP candidates because it goes over both basic and advanced scheduling methods in a step-by-step manner that helps managers of all levels understand the concepts on the final exam. In addition, it includes time- and error-saving checklists to assist you in consolidating your preparation. Therefore, if you are interested, you can purchase this book for $5.98 in paperback or Kindle format.


James Taylor’s Project Scheduling and Cost Control is an essential resource for candidates who need to review fundamental scheduling concepts. It presents scheduling in a manner that is simple to comprehend, making it ideal for beginners who hope to take the PMI-SP exam in the future. Additionally, it is excellent for reviewing the fundamentals of project completion, project costs, and project planning for other PMI examinations. This guide is available in Kindle format for nearly $36.


This book, Practice Standard for Scheduling by PMI, contains the most recent project scheduling concepts, methods, and tools. It was published by PMI. It currently has the definition of schedule models, key scheduling terms, a compelling description of this field, and recommendations for efficient schedule management in its third edition. It costs $42.79 in paperback and $40.65 in Kindle formats, respectively.


  1. Jonathan’s PMI Scheduling Professional Certification is one of the best guides for studying for the PMI-SP exam because it has diagrams and more than 300 questions and answers to help candidates understand the main scheduling concepts. The book is structured in a manner that is comparable to the actual validation because the author himself also took such an examination.


Official Courses for PMI-SP Prep You can, depending on where you live, enroll in one of the PMI-sponsored online courses to fulfill your project scheduling education requirements for the official exam. Training with PMI-authorized partners like: is another option.


Firebrand PMI Scheduling Professional is a three-day course that teaches you useful scheduling techniques. The course, which is broken up into multiple modules and is meant for people who are experts in project management and want to take the PMI-SP exam. Particularly, you’ll learn about the overview of scheduling, risk management, quality assurance, and the scheduling development process here.


Additionally, Project Management Academy provides a PMI-SP-approved online course. The eight-hour fast-paced course teaches you detailed concepts in all project scheduling domains to help you prepare for the test. A realistic, video-on-demand, 170-question exam that mimics the official PMI evaluation is the structure of this training.


In conclusion, project managers who require certification of their scheduling abilities can benefit greatly from the PMI-SP certification. Expertise in project scheduling can make the difference between a project that is successful and one that is unsuccessful in a fast-paced business environment where time is of the essence and deadlines are crucial. Employers can rest assured that the holder of this specialized certification possesses the knowledge and expertise necessary to steer the company’s projects in the right direction.


The PMI PMI-SP practice test, training course, and study guide are uploaded by actual users in the format of allrec`12entdumps Files. Students can benefit from studying and passing the PMI-SP PMI Scheduling Professional Practice Test certification exam dumps and practice test questions and answers.


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