Oracle 1z0-060 Exam Dumps

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Oracle 1z0-060 Exam Dumps
Exam Name : Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c
Exam Code : 1Z0-060
Exam Level : Associate
Duration : 120 min
Number of Questions : 80
Passing Score : Section 1 = 64%; Section 2 = 65%

Total Questions to test your knowledge: 150 (Actual examination consists of 80 questions)


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Understand the check shape and what to expect; then stroll via every subject matter area, quiz your self with exercise questions and solutions, and make certain you’re geared up to take the certification.

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Official Exam Details:

Exam Name : Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c
Exam Code : 1Z0-060
Exam Level : Associate
Duration : 120 min
Number of Questions : 80
Passing Score : Section 1 = 64%; Section 2 = 65%

Total Questions to test your knowledge: 150 (Actual examination consists of 80 questions)

New Features of Oracle Database 12c

Enterprise Manager and Other Tools
Use EM Express
Use OUI, DBCA for set up and configuration

Configuring and Creating CDBs and PDBs
Create and configure a CDB
Create and configure a PDB
Migrate a non-CDB to a PDB database

Managing Tablespaces, Common and Local Users, Privileges and Roles
Manage tablespaces in a CDB/PDB
Manage customers and privileges for CDB/PDB

Information Lifecycle Management and Storage Enhancements
Use ILM capabilities
Perform monitoring and automatic statistics placement
Move a statistics document online

Enable and configure Unified Audit Data Trail
Create and allow audit policies

Oracle Data Redaction
Use and manipulate Oracle Data Redaction policies

Real-Time Database Operation Monitoring
Implement actual-time database operation tracking

Emergency Monitoring, Real-Time ADDM, Compare Period ADDM, and Active Session History (ASH) Analytics
Perform emergency tracking and actual-time ADDM
Generate ADDM Compare Period
Diagnose overall performance problems the usage of ASH improvements

Index and Table Enhancements
Use Index improvements
Use Table improvements
Use Online operation improvements

Oracle Data Pump, SQL*Loader, External Tables and Online Operations Enhancements
Use Oracle Data Pump improvements
Use SQL*Loader and External desk improvements

SQL Enhancements
Use Oracle Database Migration Assistant for Unicode
Use Row proscribing clause, and steady document LOBs improvements
Configure prolonged datatypes

Performance Management
Design the database format for most desirable overall performance
Monitor performace
Manage memory
Analyze and become aware of overall performance problems
Perform actual software testing
Use Resource Manager to manipulate resources
Implement Application Tuning

Develop and enforce a safety policy
Configure and manipulate auditing
Create the password document
Implement column and tablespace encryption

Basics of Multitenant Container Database (CDB)
Identify the blessings of the multitenant box database
Explain root and multitenant architecture

Managing CDBs and PDBs
Establish connection to a CDB/PDB
Start up and close down a CDB/PDB
Change example parameters for a CDB/PDB

Backup, Recovery and Flashback for a CDB/PDB
Perform backup of CDB and PDB
Perform healing of CDB and PDB
Perform Flashback for a CDB

In-Database Archiving and Valid-Time Temporal
Differentiate among ILM and Valid-Time Temporal
Set and use Valid Time Temporal
Use In-Database archiving

Use administrative privileges
Create, allow and use privilege analysis

RMAN and Flashback Data Archive
Use RMAN improvements
Implement the brand new capabilities in Flashback Data Archive

SQL Tuning
Use Adaptive Execution Plans
Use improved capabilities of data gathering
Use Adaptive SQL Plan Management

Resource Manager and Other Performance Enhancements
Use Resource Manager for a CDB and PDB
Explain Multi-system Multi-threaded Oracle architecture
Use Flash Cache

ADR and Network Enhancements
Explain ADR improvements

Partitioning Enhancements
Explain Partitioning improvements
Explain Index improvements for partitioned tables

Key DBA Skills

Core Administration
Explain the basics of DB architecture
Install and configure a database
Configure server and customer community for a database
Monitor database alerts
Perform day by day management tasks
Apply and assessment patches
Back up and get better the database
Troubleshoot community and database problems
Detect and restore statistics disasters with Data Recovery Advisor
Implement Flashback Technology
Load and Unload Data

Relocate SYSAUX occupants
Create a default everlasting tablespace
Use the Redo Logfile Size Advisor
Use Secure File LOBs
Use Direct NFS

Manage database structures
Administer ASM
Manage ASM disks and diskgroups
Manage ASM example
Manage VLDB
Implement Space Management

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Anyone wishing to byskip Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c | 1Z0-060 Certification Exam.


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