IBM C2090-320 Exam Dumps

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IBM C2090-320 Exam Dumps

Number of questions: 63
Number of questions to pass: 41
Time allowed: 90 minutes


This Database Associate certification is an access stage examination for a consumer of any of the DB2 for z/OS own circle of relatives of merchandise. This man or woman is informed approximately the essential ideas of DB2 eleven for z/OS via both fingers on revel in or formal and casual education. The database accomplice have to have an in-intensity information of the simple to intermediate responsibilities required in daily administration, simple SQL (Structured Query Language), recognize which extra merchandise are to be had with DB2 eleven, recognize the way to create databases and database objects, and feature a simple information of database protection and transaction isolation.

Number of questions: 63

Number of inquiries to pass: 41

Time allowed: 90 minutes

Status: Withdrawn


Section 1: Working with SQL and XML14�sic cappotential to jot down a DML SQL statement

Basic cappotential to get admission to and technique XML information (XQuery, Xpath)

Basic information of maximum usually used unique registers

Basic information of integrated functions


Section 2: Security8�sic information of limiting information get admission to (authorities, privileges, views, profiles, roles, relied on contexts)

Basic cappotential to jot down a Data Control Language (DCL) SQL statement


Section 3: Planning17�sic cappotential to hook up with DB2 servers (show cappotential to apply far off get admission to)

Basic information of various sorts of tables (Base, MQT, Auxiliary, Partitioned, Temporal – at a excessive stage; whilst is it suitable to apply every type) and desk spaces

Basic information of subsystem parameters

Basic information of DB2 architecture (deal with spaces, logs, IRLM)

Basic information of information sharing ideas

Basic information of database workloads (transactional processing vs. analytics)

Basic information of encoding scheme ideas


Section 4: Operations14�sic information of DB2 instructions and DSN instructions

Basic information of DB2 utilities

Basic information of troubleshooting (Explain, SQL Codes)


Section 5: Data Concurrency10�sic information of transaction management (COMMIT, ROLLBACK, AUTOCOMMIT and SAVEPOINT)

Basic information of locking

Given a situation, simple information to pick out the isolation ranges that have to be used


Section 6: Application Design19�sic cappotential to create and contact a saved method or a consumer described function (information of passing parameters and acquiring results)

Basic information of transient tables (how they’re created and after they have to be used)

Basic information of triggers (how they function; after they is probably used)

Basic information of software practise and BIND options

Basic information of referential integrity and constraints

Basic information of non-relational information ideas (XML information, LOB information)

Basic information of Temporal (Time Travel) Tables – System-period, Application-period, and Bi-temporal – cappotential to create and query


Section 7: Working with Database Objects18�sic cappotential to illustrate utilization of IBM-provided and consumer-described information types

Basic cappotential to jot down a DDL SQL statement

Basic cappotential to pick out traits and homes of DB2 objects (Tables, Indexes, Views,…)

Basic cappotential to appearance up records withinside the DB2 catalog



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