AD0-300 Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner


TobeanAdobeCertifiedExpertistodemonstrateexpertiseinhelpingclientsrealizevalueinanAdobe solution.Adobe’s Certification exams follow industry-accepted procedures to ensure validity and reliability.We work with industry experts to create our exams, which represent real-worldrequirements andobjectivesfor the job roles wecertify.This guide is designed to provide the recommendations needed to prepare for your AdobeCertifiedExpertexam,andhelpyoudeterminewhenyouarereadytotaketheexam.Itwilloutlinetheknowledge andskillsrequiredofa”minimallyqualifiedcandidate”foraspecificjobrole,whichwillbeevaluatedin theexam


AD0-300 Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner


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